This site was established to rate, review and compare various Adult Dating Websites on the Internet. Lately, dating has evolved and adult dating sites seem to be popping from the ground everywhere. Join the right website and you will probably have Sex within 1 or 2 days Ė Join the wrong website and you're out of cash and at the same place you were before you tried adult dating. The fact is that adult dating really does work! The problems is cutting through the hype to find out which ones are real and work, which ones are real and kind of work, and which ones are pure rip-off crap! That is exactly the purpose of this website, as I was in the same position you are in a few months back when I first heard about adult dating. I wish there was a site like this, so I could have cut through the garbage, and just purchased the real deal. All in all, it was worth it, as I now know first hand what WORKS and what DOESN'T, and if you're like me, you would pay any reasonable dollar amount to know what can get you more Girls! So anyway, here are my honest reviews:
My Number One Pick:
AdultFriendFinder is the winner, too bad I didnít find it first. First off it has more Female members then all the other sites. The site has over 8 million VERIFIED Female members. Other then that, they have great auto match options and extensive search features. SexSearch is awesome, they will also give you some great tips on how to build your profile. Highly Recommended !

P.S. As an extra they will give you access to their Goldroom, which is the Largest XXX websites on the web.
Runner Up:
SexSearch was the first site I subscribed to, I saw one of their ads on an entertainment website and decided to try them out. I actually hooked up with some hot girls through SexSearch but it was a long search. They donít nearly have the same amount of female members as AdultFriendFinder.
AmateurMatch gets 2 stars because I like their layout and their advanced modern features, unfortunately I didnít really ďHook upĒ with somebody via their website. I did do some e-mailing and instantmessaging however, but that wasnít really what I was looking for so to say :)
WildMatch has just started to explore the Adult Dating market. They launched about a year ago and have the least amount of members. However, Wildmatch held a big promo with the launch of the website so they have a good male-female ratio.
Passion.com was a waste of my money, I didnít find one woman to my likings. Not even for so much as stimulating conversation. This one is definitely not recommended.

Last Words :
As you can see, the differences in the Adult Dating websites on the internet vary GREATLY. Itís great to see that dating industry has evolved to help the average guy get laid! LOL. At first I couldnít really believe that there were actually people on these sites, but I turned out to be very wrong. Many women subscribe to these websites, because they are very busy, donít have the time for an extended dating life and just want to go STRAIGHT to the point. So Adult Personals are a great way to meet hot women! I'm not a complete sexaholic (yeah right), but I figure I should try and do everything I possibly can to get as much girls as I possibly can. If you're reading this, I'm sure you feel the same way. That's why I tried all these adult dating websites, and since I know which ones worked for me and which ones ripped me off, I figure I should let everyone who visits my site know. It's my way of giving you some good info, getting back at the products that ripped me off, and thanking those that worked for me. As said above, I completely recommend SexSearch, it's a great dating-service that works. If youíre from France or in Asia I can also recommend AdultFriendFinder. But if youíre in the United Kingdom, United States or Canada just go with SexSearch, trust me, youíll be thanking me later.
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Advantages of Adult Dating
The dating industry has evolved a lot over the past years. The first online dating sites were launched in the early nineties and most of them were nothing more then local agencies trying to get their members online. Since then the technique has improved a lot and we are now able to sign up, build and update our own profiles, with text, photoís and even videos. Since a few years a lot of niche dating sites have opened up to grow as big social online communitiesÖ

Adult dating is not as different from classic internet dating as you might think. The biggest advantages Adult Dating has over regular dating I have found are:

- More open, fun and interesting women
- The sites are constantly coming up with more innovative features
- More sexually open minded people
- Interesting communities
- Being able to put or browse sexually tinted photos or videos online

The girls and women on adult dating websites such as SexSearch or AdultFriendFinder still want to be swept off her feet. Weather this is on exciting sex date or a romantic dinner that is up to you. Donít forget that in the end, your are looking for that beautiful special someone in your life and that she is doing the sameÖ
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How to get your profile noticed
Always use crisp and clear photos that want to be clicked. If you are a little handy with a photo editing program, edit the contrast and color scheme a little bit so that the photo looks hot !

Try something unique once in a while; a good friend of mine put a head shot of a monkey on his dating profile a while ago and he got over 35 unique comments in one day ! It caught attention and the girls and women immediately knew he was a cool, fun, outgoing guy.

Try different photoís to see which one works best. If you have enough shots, rotate your photos every week two or three times. Check to see in which weeks you got the most comments and visits. Iíve attached the Excel file I use for your convenience :-)

Preferably use photos with friends, or doing something cool or with other girls. So itís easy for people to comment on your pictures.

Write in an outgoing style, donít be boring. This is the text I have used on my profile:

"Oh great, I have to describe myself. Well okay, I'd say I'm a pain in the ass, a smart ass, a thinker unless it doesn't fit my mood. I'm as lazy as you are awake and they say I'm really self-willed but that of course is something I will always deny ;-)"
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My tips and Guidelines for a sex date :
Always be respectful; women are no piece of meat unlike what Hollywood might try to make you believe. Be polite and treat her with respect

Charm her into bed; Be charming, the sex is way better of you both really think the other person is charming and special. You can be charming by being confident end do nice stuff for her. Bring over a DVD to watch before or after, so she knows itís not just about the sex.

Learn some new movies; Read the Kamasutra or another book on sex positions. Be her mentor in bed and guide her, donít be a disappointment.

Donít have sex right away; go for a drink or a movie first this will give you both something to enjoy and to look forward to later.

Donít blame the game; there are tons of girls out there, registered on adult dating sites, if a girl doesnít reply to your comment or post, just go to the next one. Donít take that stuff personal. Itís possible that she didnít sign in for a month, she has a boyfriend now, she is insecure etc.
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